Saving Money by Hanging Laundry

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We do not use a clothes dryer.  We sold our dryer in 2010 when we moved to Maryland and haven’t had one since.  Currently at the apartment we don’t have a washer/dryer connection so I go to the laundry-mat.  I have a hard time parting with my quarters as it is and I hate watching my money go into the laundry machines.  So I do what I can to save money on laundry.  I only wash clothes if they are dirty.  My trips to the laundry-mat are quick since I only use the washers.  I bring home my damp laundry and hang everything out to dry.  Ikea sells these awesome laundry racks that fold up flat.  We have multiple racks that take over the yard on laundry day.  Sure beats paying for a dryer!


Freezer Cooking- Chili



On my day off I decided to make a bunch of freezer meals for when we start to get busy.  I had 8lbs of ground beef bought on sale.  I divided it in half and used on half to make a double recipe of chili.  Once the chili was cooked I divided it again into gallon bags and froze them.  A gallon bag is perfect for Hubby and I and will thaw quickly.  I put some immediately in tupperware containers for hubby to take to work that week.

With the remaining ground beef I made 8 lasagnas. Instead of making a full size pan, I used the foil 8 by 8 cake pans.  We can thaw out a small pan, have dinner and leftovers the next day and don’t have to eat lasagna for every meal the rest of the week like we would if it was a full size pan.  I made the marinara sauce using tomatoes we canned from our garden last year.  I love when I am able to substitute home canned items for store bought!

A Garden Bed Upset


The other morning I was getting ready for work and I noticed that the dogs were being extra quiet.  They were not anywhere in the apartment so I went outside to check.  Whiskey, the boxer and usual troublemaker had completely torn up my lettuce bed and was laying in the dirt.  Its lucky for her that she is so cute!  Apparently we are going to have to fence off the garden section now so this doesn’t happen again.  I shooed her inside and replanted the bed.  Since then we have had the garden side of the yard blocked off and the dogs have access to the other side.  Never a boring moment!