We Are Officially A One Car Family


For the first time in our 6 year marriage Hubby and I are now sharing ONE vehicle.  On Friday we sold Hubbys PT Cruiser.  It needed way more work than it was worth.  Since we live so close to my work I can walk and he can take the truck.  I have been “practicing” using only one car and we decided to take the plunge.  Last week we went to CarMax to see what they would offer us.  They gave us a written offer for $1200.  We wanted to think about it until we saw an ad for the Chevy dealership down the road.  They guarantee to beat CarMax’s offer by $500.  And the best part is that you don’t need to buy a car from them!  So we ended up selling to Henna Chevrolet for $1700.  And that’s with engine trouble, two broken rims and one donut for a tire! Only having one car poses certain challenges but so far we have found that by planning ahead we can work it out.  Most anywhere in town is accessible by walking or biking.  We put the money we got into a new car fund (well new to us) so that when we need to get a second vehicle we can pay cash.