Saving Money by Hanging Laundry

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We do not use a clothes dryer.  We sold our dryer in 2010 when we moved to Maryland and haven’t had one since.  Currently at the apartment we don’t have a washer/dryer connection so I go to the laundry-mat.  I have a hard time parting with my quarters as it is and I hate watching my money go into the laundry machines.  So I do what I can to save money on laundry.  I only wash clothes if they are dirty.  My trips to the laundry-mat are quick since I only use the washers.  I bring home my damp laundry and hang everything out to dry.  Ikea sells these awesome laundry racks that fold up flat.  We have multiple racks that take over the yard on laundry day.  Sure beats paying for a dryer!


A Garden Bed Upset


The other morning I was getting ready for work and I noticed that the dogs were being extra quiet.  They were not anywhere in the apartment so I went outside to check.  Whiskey, the boxer and usual troublemaker had completely torn up my lettuce bed and was laying in the dirt.  Its lucky for her that she is so cute!  Apparently we are going to have to fence off the garden section now so this doesn’t happen again.  I shooed her inside and replanted the bed.  Since then we have had the garden side of the yard blocked off and the dogs have access to the other side.  Never a boring moment!



Saving Money by Walking



I find it ironic that I work at a car dealership and don’t drive to work.  You won’t see my truck parked in our lot.  Instead, my truck stays parked at our apartment complex and I walk to work everyday.  We live half a mile from my job.  The perfect distance for walking to work.  If I walk home for lunch, then at the end of the day I have walked two miles without even going to the gym!  I recently bought these new shoes on clearance and with a gift card!  We are considering selling our second car so I am practicing not using a car.  I would love to hear how people make it work as a one car family!


Welcome dear friends!  I am moving my blog from to here.  If you are readers from that blog, thanks for sticking with me.  If you are new, welcome!  My husband and I recently moved to Texas with our two dogs.  Prior to moving to Texas we had a small hobby farm in Maryland.  We fell in love with the homesteading lifestyle- making things from scratch, getting back to the land and being as self sufficient as possible.  Currently we are renting a very small 2 bedroom apartment so we can save some money.  We lucked out in that our apartment has a small side yard.  Just because we are renting and in an apartment doesn’t mean we cant homestead.  Sure, we cant have dairy goats here, but we can garden, cook, and buy fresh groceries.  This blog will chronicle our journey in this apartment and demonstrate that you can homestead where you are.