I’m Dreaming of a Green Garden


There has been a shift in the weather since I returned home from my trip to California.  Maybe I brought some of the sunshine to Arkansas from Cali or maybe not.  All that matters is that we are having warm weather!  Last week we got a ton of rain.  Nonstop.  This weeks forecast is looking brighter.   Im talking sunny and 70s!  I know its still early, and we could get hit with another snowstorm, but my  fingers are itching to be in the dirt.  So we are taking a chance and just planting some plants.  We saved this old wooden couch frame from the burn pile and repurposed it into a garden bed.  I bought some dirt at Lowes and mixed it in with the droppings from the rabbits.  It backs up against the dog kennel and you can see jack there in the back.

We planted peas to climb up the rails on the back, spinach in the row in front and a jalapeno pepper for Hubby.  Once again, there is dirt under my finger nails and sunshine on my back.  I am a happy camper!


(see how sad it was on the burn pile?)


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