Ice Ice Baby!


(chicken tracks in the snow)


(Jack liked to lay on his snow covered dog bed)


(even the outhouse is frozen)



Sunday night we were hit hard with an ice storm. What started as freezing rain, soon had everything covered in ice. and I do mean everything! Thankfully we had thought to stock up on water before hand as our water pipes are most definitely frozen solid. We are extremely thankful to have a roof over our heads (even though it leaks conveniently right over where our heads hit the pillow) and heat. Hubby had to work Sunday night so I was home alone. I woke up around 2 to my face being splashed with water. dripping. from the ceiling. so i moved the pillows to the foot of the bed and put pots and pans under the leaks (there are now 3-4 drips) and went back to bed. I was so glad when Hubby made it home safely on Monday morning. He was off for the next two days so we were able to stay inside. There was lots of knitting and movie watching.
Today most everything is melting. Just in case we are sad to see the ice go, it is threatening to come back over this coming weekend. I will have the pots and pans ready, along with movies, popcorn and full propane tanks. Although cold, it sure was gorgeous!


(knitting socks- heart socks in honor of a late valentines day, while in bed with Harley watching Pride and Prejudice)


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