Meet Crockpot


When we picked up our new chicks, we also acquired a rooster from another craigslister. He is an Easter Egger rooster so he will fit right in with our chickens. When we picked him up, the old owner said he didn’t care if we just put the rooster in the crockpot…. so we decided Crockpot was a fitting name. He most definitely will not be eaten as he has plenty of things to do around the homestead.
The first night I put him in the coop with Mavis and Maude. We have never had trouble introducing chickens at night before. Usually the current chickens are too preoccupied with sleeping to notice a new bird. The next morning they wake up and just accept the new chicken. Until now… our ladies woke up the next morning and freaked out because they had spent the night with a male. I mean freaked out! They started attacking poor Crockpot and had him wedged under the ramp to go up in their coop.
As soon as I saw what was going on, I ran out to the coop and rescued Crockpot. The back of his neck was a little bloody which meant he cant be with the Ladies until his neck heals. Chickens are attracted to the color red and will continue pecking not necessarily meaning to hurt. So Crockpot is living in a big extra dog crate we have. I can lock him up but the girls can still see him and hopefully they can get used to each other.
Its been a couple days and I thought I would let Crockpot out to roam with the ladies. As soon as I released him, the Ladies came flying over and tried to get him again. Poor Crockpot literally hid behind my legs. Then he ran inside. Inside MY house. I got him outside and armed with a broom was able to keep the Ladies away from him. Now they can mostly coexist in the yard without acting like killing each other. Crockpot still sleeps in the crate and the Ladies in the coop. Baby steps. I hope after a few days of coexisting in the yard the Ladies will accept Crockpot and not try to kill him.
I think Crockpot thinks he is indebted to me for saving him from the wrath of Mavis and Maude. He will follow me everywhere. He jumps on my shoulder and lets me pick him up anytime. I have never had a rooster this friendly.


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