We got Chicks!

Hubby was home from training for the weekend so it seemed that we were running around together. We picked up 6 Ameraucana chicks from a lady on craigslist. We also picked up a rooster (but that’s another post). We had everything needed to set up a brooder box for them. Chicks need to be kept warm, but they also need space to get away from the heat if they get too hot. We set up a heat lamp in the corner of a plastic bin. When they get too big for this they will graduate to a cage with the heat lamp.
The very first night that we brought them home, Hubby and I were almost asleep when we heard a loud pop before the light went out. We were thinking all the electric was blown so we bolted out of bed. Imagine our surprise to find that the heat lamp exploded. all over the chicks box! We were lucky the glass shards didn’t hurt the chicks. We carefully picked up the glass, emptied the box and put fresh bedding in. For the night we turned a space heater on them.
The next day we ran to Tractor Supply and bought new heat lamps. The lamp box claims they are explosion proof. Who knew that was a thing? Shouldnt all heat lamps be explosion proof? Since then we haven’t had any issues but I will be glad when its warm enough for the chicks not to need a heat lamp. Our night lows have been in the 20s so they definitely need heat still!
We will name them once they are older and we know which is which (and to make sure they all survive)




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