Building a Compost Pile

Last week I built a new compost pile that is my personal dedicated pile. Aka I can compost my toilet gems and no one needs to worry about it. I bought some t posts and chicken wire at Tractor Supply. I guestimated a circle (it didn’t need to be exact or anything) and put the t posts in the ground. Thankfully the ground here was still pretty wet from the recent rains so the posts went in super easy. The hardest part was unrolling the chicken wire by myself. I used zip ties to secure the chicken wire to the posts. This whole set up is easy (for the most part) to put up and move if need be.

(finally got the chicken wire up- you can see the camper in the back)
I have this small kitchen compost bin that sits in the camper. I put anything and everything that will compost in it. If we use qtips in the bathroom, they go in. junk mail gets shredded and thrown in. obviously I put in kitchen scraps and coffee beans too.
I look forward to adding to our compost system as we get settled in. There are plenty of leaves on the ground that I plan on using for cover material.


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