On my needles


I can’t share details about the green project as its a surprise for a friend


A pair of socks I am working on- a combination of two patterns


A lace cowl- the picture looks more yellow, but its really an almost neon green color.


Updating the Flooring in a Camper

(carpet torn out)

(flooring laid)

(before- when we first bought the camper)


I have NO idea who thought that it was a good idea to put carpet in a camper. Why? Campers are used for camping…where there is dirt and mud and no one wants to vacuum on vacation. Our camper just had carpet on our slide out, thankfully. The rest of the flooring is nondescript vinyl tiles. At Lowes, I found some vinyl “wood”. The flooring looks like hardwood floors but is just peel n stick strips. I was able to do the majority of the camper in Texas before we moved, but stopped near the carpet. Now that Hubby is gone during the week for training, and I am stuck at home with no car, I finally have time for this project. I ripped out the carpeting and was disgusted with the amount of dirt and dust under it. One corner of the slide out will need to be replaced as its still damp from a leak. After pulling the carpet and all the millions of carpet staples, I put down the new flooring. Its not done, but already it looks so much better.

(look at ALL THAT DUST)


Ice Ice Baby!


(chicken tracks in the snow)


(Jack liked to lay on his snow covered dog bed)


(even the outhouse is frozen)



Sunday night we were hit hard with an ice storm. What started as freezing rain, soon had everything covered in ice. and I do mean everything! Thankfully we had thought to stock up on water before hand as our water pipes are most definitely frozen solid. We are extremely thankful to have a roof over our heads (even though it leaks conveniently right over where our heads hit the pillow) and heat. Hubby had to work Sunday night so I was home alone. I woke up around 2 to my face being splashed with water. dripping. from the ceiling. so i moved the pillows to the foot of the bed and put pots and pans under the leaks (there are now 3-4 drips) and went back to bed. I was so glad when Hubby made it home safely on Monday morning. He was off for the next two days so we were able to stay inside. There was lots of knitting and movie watching.
Today most everything is melting. Just in case we are sad to see the ice go, it is threatening to come back over this coming weekend. I will have the pots and pans ready, along with movies, popcorn and full propane tanks. Although cold, it sure was gorgeous!


(knitting socks- heart socks in honor of a late valentines day, while in bed with Harley watching Pride and Prejudice)

Meet Crockpot


When we picked up our new chicks, we also acquired a rooster from another craigslister. He is an Easter Egger rooster so he will fit right in with our chickens. When we picked him up, the old owner said he didn’t care if we just put the rooster in the crockpot…. so we decided Crockpot was a fitting name. He most definitely will not be eaten as he has plenty of things to do around the homestead.
The first night I put him in the coop with Mavis and Maude. We have never had trouble introducing chickens at night before. Usually the current chickens are too preoccupied with sleeping to notice a new bird. The next morning they wake up and just accept the new chicken. Until now… our ladies woke up the next morning and freaked out because they had spent the night with a male. I mean freaked out! They started attacking poor Crockpot and had him wedged under the ramp to go up in their coop.
As soon as I saw what was going on, I ran out to the coop and rescued Crockpot. The back of his neck was a little bloody which meant he cant be with the Ladies until his neck heals. Chickens are attracted to the color red and will continue pecking not necessarily meaning to hurt. So Crockpot is living in a big extra dog crate we have. I can lock him up but the girls can still see him and hopefully they can get used to each other.
Its been a couple days and I thought I would let Crockpot out to roam with the ladies. As soon as I released him, the Ladies came flying over and tried to get him again. Poor Crockpot literally hid behind my legs. Then he ran inside. Inside MY house. I got him outside and armed with a broom was able to keep the Ladies away from him. Now they can mostly coexist in the yard without acting like killing each other. Crockpot still sleeps in the crate and the Ladies in the coop. Baby steps. I hope after a few days of coexisting in the yard the Ladies will accept Crockpot and not try to kill him.
I think Crockpot thinks he is indebted to me for saving him from the wrath of Mavis and Maude. He will follow me everywhere. He jumps on my shoulder and lets me pick him up anytime. I have never had a rooster this friendly.

We got Chicks!

Hubby was home from training for the weekend so it seemed that we were running around together. We picked up 6 Ameraucana chicks from a lady on craigslist. We also picked up a rooster (but that’s another post). We had everything needed to set up a brooder box for them. Chicks need to be kept warm, but they also need space to get away from the heat if they get too hot. We set up a heat lamp in the corner of a plastic bin. When they get too big for this they will graduate to a cage with the heat lamp.
The very first night that we brought them home, Hubby and I were almost asleep when we heard a loud pop before the light went out. We were thinking all the electric was blown so we bolted out of bed. Imagine our surprise to find that the heat lamp exploded. all over the chicks box! We were lucky the glass shards didn’t hurt the chicks. We carefully picked up the glass, emptied the box and put fresh bedding in. For the night we turned a space heater on them.
The next day we ran to Tractor Supply and bought new heat lamps. The lamp box claims they are explosion proof. Who knew that was a thing? Shouldnt all heat lamps be explosion proof? Since then we haven’t had any issues but I will be glad when its warm enough for the chicks not to need a heat lamp. Our night lows have been in the 20s so they definitely need heat still!
We will name them once they are older and we know which is which (and to make sure they all survive)



Ways We Saved Money…Soup


Hubby’s favorite thing to order if we go out to eat is broccoli cheddar soup. Just because we are on a super tight budget doesn’t mean we can’t have our favorite treats. We just have to do it ourselves. I found a super yummy recipe on Pinterest for crockpot broccoli cheddar soup and gave it a whirl. We loved it! I enjoy being able to recreate things we love at a fraction of the price we would have paid if we went out to eat.

Building a Compost Pile

Last week I built a new compost pile that is my personal dedicated pile. Aka I can compost my toilet gems and no one needs to worry about it. I bought some t posts and chicken wire at Tractor Supply. I guestimated a circle (it didn’t need to be exact or anything) and put the t posts in the ground. Thankfully the ground here was still pretty wet from the recent rains so the posts went in super easy. The hardest part was unrolling the chicken wire by myself. I used zip ties to secure the chicken wire to the posts. This whole set up is easy (for the most part) to put up and move if need be.

(finally got the chicken wire up- you can see the camper in the back)
I have this small kitchen compost bin that sits in the camper. I put anything and everything that will compost in it. If we use qtips in the bathroom, they go in. junk mail gets shredded and thrown in. obviously I put in kitchen scraps and coffee beans too.
I look forward to adding to our compost system as we get settled in. There are plenty of leaves on the ground that I plan on using for cover material.