Laundry by hand

Another way I am “practicing” some off grid living skills is by handwashing my laundry. I ordered a plunger washer from Amazon and love it! First I fill up a pot (I have been using my canning pots for now on my small loads) with water. I add a teaspoon of detergent and the clothes for that day. Using the “plunger” I agitate the clothes for 10-20 minutes.
Secondly I wring them out by hand (to get most of the soapy water out) and place them in a second pot. I fill this pot with fresh clean water and have a go for another 5-10 minutes. At this point the clothes should be pretty clean. I wring them out and hang them to dry. We have some collapsible folding racks from ikea as well as a hanging octopus with clothespins, also from ikea. I will use the octopus for socks and small items and the racks for shirts and larger items. One day soon I hope to put up a real clothes line, but for now this works perfectly. Since my pots are on the small side, I have been doing smaller loads more often. I have some larger galvanized bins that currently hold dirt that I might clean out and use instead.



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