Meet the Cast- The Meat Rabbits

We also brought with us a breeding trio of meet rabbits when we moved to Arkansas. A breeding trio consists of 2 females and a male, all unrelated. The male is an American Blue, along with one of the females. The other female is an American White. The American rabbits were on the critical list but have now been downgraded to “threatened”. They are a heritage breed an used for meat and fur. I am hoping to learn how to tan hides to be able to use everything from the rabbits.
The American Blue female was already named Mindy (and her name is tattooed in her ear so we won’t be changing it). The other two did not come with names. Hubby named them Deeks and Kenzi after two of our favorite characters in NCIS:LA. Mindy will be old enough to breed this month as Kensi still has a few months of growing left.IMG_8685 IMG_8691 IMG_8690


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