The Camper’s Maiden Voyage Part Two








We left early that morning and made the 7 hour trip back to Austin with no troubles. We hooked up the weight distribution hitch and bars to the camper and were so pleased to see that our problem was mostly solved. The hitch was no longer dragging on the ground but it was still super low. We figured it would be fine to just make this one trip to a neighboring state. It probably wouldn’t work for a cross country trip but we weren’t asking for that much. Once we were satisfied with the hookup we started pulling out of our spot at the rv park… Only to get stuck in the mud! Truck and camper were not going anywhere. The park manager thankfully had an old tractor and were able to pull us out. Sheesh, this was shaping up to be a super long and frustrating trip.
Once we were free of the mud, we stopped by the rv shop to get their approval on the connection. As soon as we had their thumbs up, we got on the road. We made it about five hours down the road before the weather got too bad to drive. We pulled over at a Walmart and spent the night in the parking lot. This is commonly called boondocking and generally acceptable for a night or two. We figured since it was already almost midnight and we were leaving at daybreak, we were fine. We parked near some other rvers with the same idea.
When we opened up the door to the camper the entire floor was wet! Apparently when our slide out is in for traveling, it doesn’t seal properly. There wasn’t much we could do at that point. We grabbed sandwiches at Walmart and had a picnic on our bed before turning in for the night. It was freezing and we ha no way of turning on the heat so we just slept in our clothes.
The next morning we fueled up at Starbucks and hit the road. We made it to Arkansas without any further troubles. However once we were at my grandparents property, it was way too wet to take the camper down to the pad. We had to park it in the yard until the land dried up enough to handle the weight. I was relieved to at least have it on the property. We stayed in my grandparents cabin until we could move the camper down.


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