The Camper’s Maiden Voyage Part One



Our move to Arkansas was quite eventful. We planned on leaving on the 31st as soon as Tim had his exit interview at work. Everything was going smoothly until we hooked the truck up to the camper. The hitch was practically dragging on the ground. There was NO way we could tow the camper like that. We assumed the cause was weight in the camper since we have towed the camper before without any issues. We ran to the nearest storage unit facility and rented a space. We took out everything we thought would help lighten the load. After a few trips we decided there was nothing more we could take out of te camper that would help. We fully expected that lightening the load would fix our problem. It didn’t… The truck hitch was just as low as before and the whole front wheels looked like they were going to lift off the ground. We were told we need a weight distribution hitch, but the rv shop was closed for two days since it was New Years and all. We could wait until Friday to get the hitch but there was nothing they could do until then.

At this point I was starting to freak out. Hubby needed to be in Arkansas by Sunday to report to training for his new job. We decided to put the camper in storage there at the rv park, and drive up to Arkansas with all the animals. Then if we had time we could come back down and get the camper later. So we packed the truck with clothes, the computer, hubby’s needed items for training and the critters. Two dogs, two cats, four chickens, 3 rabbits and a cage full of finches. Talk about a full load! I felt like we belonged in a scene from the Grapes of Wrath or the Beverly Hillbillies.

We made it to Arkansas and unloaded everyone. My aunt and uncle have a friend who works at the Camping World in Little Rock and they were NOT closed for New Years. He was able to get us the hitch we needed. Te next day we turned right around and went back to Texas to get our camper.
Stay tuned for part two where we had even more issues!


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