Horse Trailer

When planning out the move from Texas to Arkansas we figured we would need to rent a big Uhaul to move our stuff from storage up to the homestead. We might possibly need to make the trip twice, so the costs would be double. Not being one who likes to spend money renting something, if buying it is an option, I turned to craigslist. I found a used, beat up (I think its been through a fire) horse trailer. They were asking $1400, but we got it for $900. The benefit about buying a trailer is that we can use it for years to come. My Aunt is excited because she can use it for dump runs (theres no trash service at the homestead). We figure it will come in handy for so many uses later that it was worth the initial investment. And since we care more about the bottom dollar than looks, this horse trailer works perfect for us!IMG_8514



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