Preparing for Meat Rabbit


(truck full of cages)


(plain green and non-exciting looking)

I can’t say enough about how much we love craigslist.  If you dont mind used and have cash, craigslist is the place for you!  We recently purchased 7 rabbit cages for waaaayyyy less than we could have bought them at the store from a breeder on craigslist.  We actually ended up buying our meat rabbits from her right before we moved.  The cages are a variety of sizes and conditions but all are usable.  She recommended spray painting them with Rustoleum to prevent rust.  Once she said the words spray paint, the wheels in my head started turning.  I decided I would spruce them up by painting them bright colors.  She assured me that she has had no issues with the spray paint harming the rabbits and I am taking her word.  I immediately went to Home Depot and bought some spray paint.  I love love love how they turned out!


(cheerful and fun)


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