Meet the Cast- The Cats

We love cats!  We have two that live with us, and two that live at my Aunt and Uncles house.  Our two are both rescues. 

Harley, was our first.  Hubby rescued her when she was stuck in the engine of a minivan with her siblings.  The owner of the minivan couldnt take them all, so Hubby offered to take one.  He was about 3 hours away from home at the time, and the kitten rode the whole way home in the saddle bags of his Harley- hence her name. 

Vespa came to us from a familly who rescued too many to take care of. Her name was originally Vee, which we changed to Vespa (notice how we kept the original letter but now her name matches Harleys?) Vespa’s mom was killed by a coyote.

Vespa and Harley are both excellent mousers and practice their stalking skills on each other. They certainly keep us entertained!




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