A Little More Privacy Please


Living in a camper means we have very little privacy. I realized the other night just how see through our bedroom window is. One of the windows has insulation over it and we always keep that shade down. However the window by the head of our bed allows us to have light in the room so I dont want to cover it with insulation. I love being able to have light but wanted more privacy. So I turned to good ‘ole Pinterest for some inspiration and found exactly what I wanted!
I went to Goodwill and picked up some light colored pajamas, a lace dress and a nightie. The lace dress was then cut up to make the windows more obscure. Following Pinterest’s advice, I mixed 2 Tbsp corn starch with equal parts cold water. Then I added 1/2 cup of boiling water and mixed well. With a paint brush, I struggled to get the lace to stick to the window. Hubby had to come help me hold the lace so I could “paint”. Finally after some curse words were said, the lace stuck and stayed up.
With the rest of the outfits from Goodwill, I cut random strips and tied them on some yarn to make a garland. Because this was not hard but just tedious, I was able to watch some inspirational videos on YouTube about composting toilets (stay tuned for THAT adventure in a little bit).
I love the transformation of the window and it cost less than $10 total! Now I can have light come in as well as privacy. Its a win-win in my book!




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