Preparing for Meat Rabbit


(truck full of cages)


(plain green and non-exciting looking)

I can’t say enough about how much we love craigslist.  If you dont mind used and have cash, craigslist is the place for you!  We recently purchased 7 rabbit cages for waaaayyyy less than we could have bought them at the store from a breeder on craigslist.  We actually ended up buying our meat rabbits from her right before we moved.  The cages are a variety of sizes and conditions but all are usable.  She recommended spray painting them with Rustoleum to prevent rust.  Once she said the words spray paint, the wheels in my head started turning.  I decided I would spruce them up by painting them bright colors.  She assured me that she has had no issues with the spray paint harming the rabbits and I am taking her word.  I immediately went to Home Depot and bought some spray paint.  I love love love how they turned out!


(cheerful and fun)


Meet the Cast- The Cats

We love cats!  We have two that live with us, and two that live at my Aunt and Uncles house.  Our two are both rescues. 

Harley, was our first.  Hubby rescued her when she was stuck in the engine of a minivan with her siblings.  The owner of the minivan couldnt take them all, so Hubby offered to take one.  He was about 3 hours away from home at the time, and the kitten rode the whole way home in the saddle bags of his Harley- hence her name. 

Vespa came to us from a familly who rescued too many to take care of. Her name was originally Vee, which we changed to Vespa (notice how we kept the original letter but now her name matches Harleys?) Vespa’s mom was killed by a coyote.

Vespa and Harley are both excellent mousers and practice their stalking skills on each other. They certainly keep us entertained!



A Little More Privacy Please


Living in a camper means we have very little privacy. I realized the other night just how see through our bedroom window is. One of the windows has insulation over it and we always keep that shade down. However the window by the head of our bed allows us to have light in the room so I dont want to cover it with insulation. I love being able to have light but wanted more privacy. So I turned to good ‘ole Pinterest for some inspiration and found exactly what I wanted!
I went to Goodwill and picked up some light colored pajamas, a lace dress and a nightie. The lace dress was then cut up to make the windows more obscure. Following Pinterest’s advice, I mixed 2 Tbsp corn starch with equal parts cold water. Then I added 1/2 cup of boiling water and mixed well. With a paint brush, I struggled to get the lace to stick to the window. Hubby had to come help me hold the lace so I could “paint”. Finally after some curse words were said, the lace stuck and stayed up.
With the rest of the outfits from Goodwill, I cut random strips and tied them on some yarn to make a garland. Because this was not hard but just tedious, I was able to watch some inspirational videos on YouTube about composting toilets (stay tuned for THAT adventure in a little bit).
I love the transformation of the window and it cost less than $10 total! Now I can have light come in as well as privacy. Its a win-win in my book!



House On Wheels

A couple months ago Hubby and I, sick of watching our money go down the drain while renting, bought a used camper and have been living in it ever since.  We paid cash of course and it definitely needs some work.  The first rainstorm we had we discovered a huge leak in the bedroom roof.  We had to wait for a sunny day so that Hubby could reseal the whole roof.  In the meantime we had tarps and bungee cords on the camper to keep it from leaking further.  Now that we have the major issues fixed, we are working on making the interior more “homey”.

Our plan is to live in the camper for at least 2 years.  That is our break even point with what we would have spent on rent vs paying cash for the rig.  We have stayed at a couple different rv parks and never  realized how common the lifestyle is.  It seems that everyone I meet has a story about how they lived in an rv for a spell.

One thing we love about living in a house on wheels is the freedom it allows.  If we dont like an area, park or even neighbor it is super easy to move to a new spot.  Utilities and “rent” are super cheap compared to a house or apartment.  We average about $50 on our electric bill (we do try and use as little energy as possible no matter where we live).

One of the downsides to living in an rv park is the rules.  If you stay in a nicer park like we try to, there are a lot of rules!  Our first week at our current park got us a lot of notes on our front door.  I got scolded for drying my laundry on drying racks.  My garden planters are not what they allow… say what?  Etc.  We try to roll with the punches but are getting more and more fed up.  The freedom we thought we had is not exactly what we thought.

When we bought the camper, my aunt casually mentioned that they have an rv hook up on my grandparents property.  My grandparents have acreage in Arkansas and put in an rv hook up site a few years back so that relatives with rvs could come visit.  My aunt mentioned that we were welcome to move there any time. Recently Hubby and I decided that if we could get a job up there, we would go ahead and move.  I am so excited to announce that last week Hubby was offered a job in the very same town as my aunt and uncle.  At the first of the year we will be packing up our house on wheels and moving to my grandparents land.

This move will allow us to save money by not paying for a rental site AND have more freedom than we have now.  Not to mention that we will be near family again!  Living in Texas, we are hours away from Hubbys family and a plane flight away from mine.  When we lived in Maryland before moving to Texas, we had absolutely no family there.

Stay tuned as we gear up to hit the road!