My $200 grocery budget

This month Hubby and I are really trying to stick to a cash budget.  As a challenge, I reduced the grocery budget to $200 for the month.  Today was my day off, and I needed to take advantage of having the truck.  On days I work, Hubby takes the truck and I walk.  This morning I dropped him off so I could have a vehicle.  My first stop was Walmart (I really don’t like Walmart but we don’t have anything else in our small town).  At Walmart I bought

-1 package of lunch meat turkey

-1 package of lunch meat ham

-2 packages of sliced cheese (it was cheaper per ounce than buying a block)

– 2 cartons of iced coffee (both hubby and I love these and it satisfied our Starbucks craving without actually going to Starbucks)

-1 box of trash bags (I stood in the aisle calculating which box was the best value)

-1 bunch of bananas

for a grand total of $34.29


photo (2)

Next I went to Randalls.  Before moving back to Texas we had the most awesome Safeway ever!  They had the best markdowns and I would shop the clearance aisle religiously!  Once we moved to Texas I was sad to discover that the closest Safeway is a Randalls and about 20 minutes away.  I usually hit Randalls once a month for a big stock up.  By combining their clearance with coupons I can usually get my groceries pretty darn cheap.  Last trip they paid me to take some m&ms!  They seriously gave me cash back on a purchase total of $0.00!  Crazy.  Armed with my coupon binder I made the trek out to Randalls and was not disappointed.  I have yet to find a good source of inexpensive meat now that we dont have a commissary to shop at.  Here is my haul from today’s Randalls trip-

– 1 package of diapers (to donate)

-1 baby bottle (to donate)

-1 package of baby spoons (to donate as well- all on the clearance section)

-2 packages of sausage meat

-1 half ham (the only meat that came in under my $2/lb price goal- it was $1.69/lb)

-2 packages of laughing cow cheese for lunches

-1 carton of Starbucks coffee for hubby

-1 package of ice cream bars

-2 packages of yogurt

-2 containers of sour cream (I can freeze these for baking later)

-1 carton of buttermilk (I will freeze this as well)

-1 gallon of milk (FREE when I bought the oreos- which I had coupons for!)

-1 container Parm Cheese

-1 jar peanut butter

-2 packages of oreos

-2 cans chili

-4 packages of annies mac n cheese

all of the above for $76.78

grand total for the day so far- $111.07



Almost done with my big shopping haul.  I stopped by our local road market on the way home for some fresh produce.  I bought

-2 buckets green beans

-2 buckets zucchini

-1 bucket cucumbers (they even have a reduced section!  These are kinda sad looking but I will use them for juicing)

-2 apples (also in the reduced section)

-1 spaghetti squash.

Total $16.25

Grand Total $127.32

photo (7)

photo (1)

That leaves me $72 for the rest of the month.  I think it should be doable.  Stay tuned to find out how we did!




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