Freezer Cooking- Chili



On my day off I decided to make a bunch of freezer meals for when we start to get busy.  I had 8lbs of ground beef bought on sale.  I divided it in half and used on half to make a double recipe of chili.  Once the chili was cooked I divided it again into gallon bags and froze them.  A gallon bag is perfect for Hubby and I and will thaw quickly.  I put some immediately in tupperware containers for hubby to take to work that week.

With the remaining ground beef I made 8 lasagnas. Instead of making a full size pan, I used the foil 8 by 8 cake pans.  We can thaw out a small pan, have dinner and leftovers the next day and don’t have to eat lasagna for every meal the rest of the week like we would if it was a full size pan.  I made the marinara sauce using tomatoes we canned from our garden last year.  I love when I am able to substitute home canned items for store bought!


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