Bringing Home The Bacon

Hubby takes the phrase “bringing home the bacon” literally when he goes hunting.  Even though we live in an apartment in town, we don’t feel like we have to give up our homesteading lifestyle.  We are very thankful that hubby has an uncle who lets him hunt on his property.  On his most recent trip Hubby brought home a hog!  I was so proud!  He shot the hog, skinned and cleaned it and it now resides in the freezer in appropriate cuts of meat.  After factoring in the cost of gas and bullets, the meat ended up averaging just over $1 per pound.  Thats a price I would gladly pay for pork that is as fresh as possible and has no additives, hormones or scary drugs.  Hubby’s excitement over bringing home his own hog was priceless!

photo (5)

Isn’t Hubby the cutest hunter you have ever seen?  I think so!

photo (6)


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