Welcome dear friends!  I am moving my blog from http://www.victorygardenfarm@blogspot.com to here.  If you are readers from that blog, thanks for sticking with me.  If you are new, welcome!  My husband and I recently moved to Texas with our two dogs.  Prior to moving to Texas we had a small hobby farm in Maryland.  We fell in love with the homesteading lifestyle- making things from scratch, getting back to the land and being as self sufficient as possible.  Currently we are renting a very small 2 bedroom apartment so we can save some money.  We lucked out in that our apartment has a small side yard.  Just because we are renting and in an apartment doesn’t mean we cant homestead.  Sure, we cant have dairy goats here, but we can garden, cook, and buy fresh groceries.  This blog will chronicle our journey in this apartment and demonstrate that you can homestead where you are.


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