In the House of the Wise


“In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has” Proverbs 21:20

This is one of my favorite Bible verses regarding preparing and being frugal.  God is warning us that we should save up.   It is stupid not to save your money and think that God will take care of you.  He does promise us that He will take care of us, but he also tells us that we need to do our part.  I am adamant about canning when you can.  By preserving fresh fruits and veggies when they are at their peak, we can enjoy them all year long.  We can purchase the fresh fruit and veggies at their lowest price and in turn not have to pay the high prices during the off seasons.  The above picture is some of my home canned goods in our Hoosier cabinet.  It is my hope this year to can a wide variety of goods.  Right now we have a ton of jams and jellies.  Pickles go quicker than I can put them up.  Hubby could eat a whole jar if left to himself.

I see people all the time who spend their entire paychecks on tattoos, fancy clothes or sparkly rims on their cars.  To me they are the “foolish” ones.  I don’t think we need to be building bunkers in Arizona because we are afraid the world is ending.  We do need to pay off debt, start saving money and learning to stock up.  God doesn’t say we need to go overboard and start hoarding.  I think the verse is simple.  Don’t spend all you have on “extras”.  Use discernment and do your part with what you are given.


Saving Money by Walking



I find it ironic that I work at a car dealership and don’t drive to work.  You won’t see my truck parked in our lot.  Instead, my truck stays parked at our apartment complex and I walk to work everyday.  We live half a mile from my job.  The perfect distance for walking to work.  If I walk home for lunch, then at the end of the day I have walked two miles without even going to the gym!  I recently bought these new shoes on clearance and with a gift card!  We are considering selling our second car so I am practicing not using a car.  I would love to hear how people make it work as a one car family!

Using What Ya Got- Decorating in the Kitchen

I love decorating and nesting.  Unfortunately my budget does not allow for huge shopping sprees.  I am constantly “shopping my house”  and trying to use what I already have.  I found this old Pepsi crate we had used for remotes originally.  I nestled in some pint size mason jars and now it holds our silverware, cooking utensils and spare drinking glasses.  The apartment we are moving into is super small and there is practically no kitchen storage so we need to start getting creative.  If we weren’t on a tight budget I would go to target or ikea and buy some cute organizer.  I would never have thought to use an old crate as kitchen storage but I am glad I did!



photo (4)

Building a Garden Bed

photo As previously mentioned, our apartment has a small side yard.  We have been letting the dogs enjoy it and will continue to do so.  They will just have less space.  On my day off, I went to Home Depot and bought supplies to build a garden bed.  Hubby and I love gardening, and eating our very own fresh produce.  Hopefully this week I will get some lettuce planted.  We are currently having crazy weather!  One day we have an ice storm and the next day is 70 degrees.  Welcome to Texas!  I am chomping at the bit to get a full garden going, but know I should wait and only plant what won’t freeze right now.  I can’t wait to see Hubby’s expression when he gets home and sees a garden bed in the yard!

After building the beds, I lined them with newspaper (the paper will compost over time and hopefully keep the weed count down) before filling with soil.  Most home improvement stores will sell their damaged bags for a discount.  Hubby managed to score quite a few bags at half off from Home Depot.  We typically mix up a variety of soil bags to get a good mix.  We also add our version of “compost”.  I threw egg shells, coffee grounds and expired veggies as a base layer that will break down as well.

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Welcome dear friends!  I am moving my blog from to here.  If you are readers from that blog, thanks for sticking with me.  If you are new, welcome!  My husband and I recently moved to Texas with our two dogs.  Prior to moving to Texas we had a small hobby farm in Maryland.  We fell in love with the homesteading lifestyle- making things from scratch, getting back to the land and being as self sufficient as possible.  Currently we are renting a very small 2 bedroom apartment so we can save some money.  We lucked out in that our apartment has a small side yard.  Just because we are renting and in an apartment doesn’t mean we cant homestead.  Sure, we cant have dairy goats here, but we can garden, cook, and buy fresh groceries.  This blog will chronicle our journey in this apartment and demonstrate that you can homestead where you are.